The high temperatures generated in boats’ engine rooms makes it essential to apply insulation or lagging to pipes, engines and generators, which can reach temperatures as high as 500°C.
This environmental overheating can cause serious damage to the engines, generators and electric cooling systems.


For this reason, CO.FE.ME supplies different types of widely tested and guaranteed insulation to meet different space requirements:

  • Rigid insulation
  • Insulating cushions and mats
  • Sheet-metal insulation



The most interesting product for marine applications is the special “new” rigid “ECR” insulation. CO.FE.ME's new rigid insulation is the result of continuous research and development in the thermal insulation field, achieving significant advantages such as:

  • IMPROVED COMPACTNESS:this new insulation provides excellent surface rigidity, which is particularly important in the installation phase.
  • “ECR” THICKNESS:significantly reduced compared to the most common rigid insulations on the market.
  • DURABILITY:expected lifetime equivalent to that of the pipework itself.
  • SAFETY:perfectly sealed, it is not affected by any external agent, meaning no liquid can penetrate it from the outside No thermal bridging or heat reflecting action is generated by CO.FE.ME “ECR”.

The insulated parts fully comply with the temperature and safety standards required in engine rooms.


Insulation with removable insulation cushions, pillows, mats etc. uses special fire-proof materials which provide good protection from heat for the insulation of:

  • Turbines
  • Silencers
  • Manifolds
  • Exhaust pipes

CO.FE.ME’s systems combine a series of benefits which make them essential for the demanding operating conditions present in marine applications, where the effect of the temperature combined with the powerful vibration requires the choice of components tested for these applications.

Materials used from inside to outside:

  • Mesh, 0.2 mm AISI wire diameter
  • Amorphous silica fibre fabric (96%), 1.2 mm thick
  • Needlepunch glass fibre felt, 40 mm thick, 180kg/m2 density.

All materials used are asbestos-free with fibre diameter of 9 microns, and therefore comply with applicable regulations.


This solution has been widely used for over 15 years, in applications requested particularly for vessels over 24 metres in length where a particular focus is placed on the visual aspect even in the engine room.

This system is still a valid alternative today, and greatly appreciated for its aesthetic appeal.

The system involves the use of sophisticated insulating materials of variable density and thickness placed in contact with pipework, and an external finish made from 0.4 mm stainless-steel sheet riveted around the joints.


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