Nautical passion since 1978! 

We have been driven by the same passion since 1978, when CO.FE.ME was founded.
Today, nearly half a century later, lots has changed, but our spirit has remained the same: we are a company firmly focused on the future, but with values from times past. We have grown and changed, we have tried to go beyond our horizons, becoming a benchmark for the pleasure and working boats sector..
We like to work in a simple and direct manner. We guarantee our highest standards to all customers, providing them with the best levels of care throughout all phases. This translates into continuous and highly professional support, which is never thrown off by our strong focus on keeping costs down for our partners.

Forever seeking excellence.

 Each and every day we turn our passion into work, our curiosity into research, and our ideas into projects: we are a company made up of people brought together by a vocation for excellence and shared values.

There are two things we have always believed in: innovation and environmental protection. We have long been committed to combining technological development with the need to continually reduce the impact of human and industrial activities on the nature which surrounds us.

CO.FE.ME has set itself the main goal of finding this balance: our products allow production processes to be modernised, reducing the environmental “costs".

CO.FE.ME is the market leader in the design, production and distribution of pollution abatement and exhaust silencer devices for pleasure boating, mega yachts, working boats, construction machinery and cogeneration systems.



  • Design and production of exhaust systems
  • Heat insulation solutions
  • Dry silencers, resonators, GRP wet silencers
  • Cutting-edge particulate filters
  • Complete range of elastomeric sleeves and hoses for exhaust/fuel/water systems
  • Exhaust accessories and kits


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